Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Training Philosophy

Running has changed my life and given me a solid foundation for my own fitness and health experience. Running and training for endurance events has taught me the invaluable lesson of consistency and through this, my own weight loss journey has become very stable and has a sense of personal empowerment that I now wish to share.

Mission Statement:
  1. To create a positive atmosphere where clients can feel free to relax and enjoy the process of discovering their inner athlete.
  2. To share the lessons learned over my own racing and training both for best performance and to avoid many of the pitfalls I have experienced.
  3. To promote a "safe and sane" approach to training for endurance sports through proper technique, rest, periodization of effort, and most of all, a focus on finishing without concern for time for first time runners.
Group Mantra:  "The Courage To Begin, The Will To Finish"

We will train and we will finish with no runner left behind!